Vosky Call Center (or as I call it – The Skype Box)

Vosky Call CenterThis box is amazing. Make skype like your home phone and more. 

I have now purchased four of these for everyone in my family. I have two installed in Europe and two installed here in the USA. The basic functionality is that it lets you use your home phone to talk on skype.

When you get a skype call, your home phone rings. It works simultaneously with a land line as well. You can have skype and your land line connected at the same time. When you get a skype call your phone will ring differently than when a landline call comes in. It also acts like call waiting. If you’re on a skype call and you get a regular call, you’ll hear beeps just like call waiting and can flip between the two calls. It works with answering machines too. Incoming calls will ring the same number of times as your landline calls and your answering machine will pick up and they can leave a message just like a regular call.

The advanced features are amazing. You can setup the Vosky Call Center for skype call forwarding. I have mine set to ring 4 times and if I don’t pick up at home, it will use my landline to call my cellphone and connect the skype call. I no longer worry about being at home to take a skype call.

The next cool feature is using the Vosky Call Center to allow you to make skype calls from any phone on the planet. With this feature enabled, the Vosky Call Center will answer your landline phone after a certain number of rings. It can make your PC act like an answering machine. When the greeting comes on, you can type in a secret pin code on the phone and it will then let you dial a skype call and connect you. Picture this: you’re at work and have urgent news for your family in another country. Instead of making an international call or going home to make the call, you dial your home phone. The Vosky Call Center answering machine on your PC picks up. You punch in your pin and dial your skype speed dial number for your family and the call center connects you. You are now making an international phone call even though you’re only paying for the call to your house.

When you receive skype calls at home, the skype ID of the person calling will show up on your home phone caller ID.

Setup is simple.

1) Install Skype and set it up on your pc
2) Install the software on the CD that came with the Call Center
3) Setup advanced Call Center features on your pc if you want to (it’s optional).
4) Connect the Call Center USB cable to your computer
5) Connect your home phone to the Call Center
6) (optional) Connect your landline phone wire to the call Center

That’s it. You’re now in business.

Using this box has really improved my life! My parents in europe are not computer savvy and would have NEVER used skype regularly as it is complicated and confusing to them. Now if they want to talk to me, they just pick up the phone and dial ##1. If I want to call them, their phone rings just like normal.

Also, I am using a Cable Modem phone line (voice over IP) from my cable company and the Vosky Call Center works just great. I read some places saying it may not work well, but it does.

I can also confirm that it now works with Windows Vista 32 bit.

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2 Responses to “Vosky Call Center (or as I call it – The Skype Box)”

  • When I make calls over SKYPE through the Vosky Call Center I get “beeps” occasionally during the call that are very irritating to my and the person I’m calling. Do you have any idea how to stop the “beeps”??

  • Shen2000:

    Looking into your beeping issues, the one recommended solution I’ve found is to make sure you are running the latest firmware and version of the call center application and the supported version of skype.

    You will need to UNINSTALL skype and the call center app, disconnect the call center box, then install the new versions of the software. Update your firmware to the latest version first.

    Latest version of the Call Center Software:

    Supported Skype Version:

    You can update to the latest firmware by going into the call center application, clicking on the about call center option and then clicking the “check for updates” button.

    Hope this helps!

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