Change Vista’s Power Button To Shutdown, Not Sleep

If you’re here, it is most likely because you are like I used to be, annoyed that Windows Vista’s Start menu power button puts the computer to sleep instead of turning it off.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll change it so in two clicks you can power off your computer.

First off, you’ll notice that the power button currently is brown and when you hover your mouse over it, it tells you that it will put your PC to sleep.

Vista\'s Power Button set to Sleep Mode


Now, let’s change it:

Click Start and then click in the Search/Run box. Now type POWER OPTIONS like in the picture below and hit ENTER:

The following screen will come up:

Click the “Change Plan Settings” link under the power plan that you have selected.

The following screen will come up. Now click the third option down “Change Advanced Power Settings”

 This is the last screen.

Click the + next to “Power buttons and lid”. Now click the + next to “Start menu power button”. Now click the word “Sleep” or “Hibernate” and it will turn into a dropdown list like below. Click on “Shutdown” then click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window.

shutdown button

You can confirm that the change worked by hovering your mouse over the Start menu power button. It will now be red in color and will say that it closes all programs and turns off your computer!

 Please leave a comment below! Did this work for you? Have any questions?

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