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WordPress K2 – How To Move Title Text Up or Down

k2In the WordPress K2 Theme, the title text is automatically placed on the left hand side about halfway down the header. This works beautifully if you have the plain blue background that comes enabled by default with the K2 them, but can cause problems if you decide to use the custom header image option. This basically lets you use a picture as the header.

If the picture has light and dark colors that the title text will overlay on, you can find yourself in a situation where part of the title text is unreadable because the color of the text blends in with the color of the picture.

Another scenario could simply be that the text covers part of the image that you want visible.

In either case, you can move the K2 theme header text up or down by adjusting the value in the file below. Continue reading ‘WordPress K2 – How To Move Title Text Up or Down’

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