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I May Have Sleep Apnea

A few weeks ago, my wife went to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor as she had seen something on TV about cleaning out your ears with some kind of solution that you get from the pharmacy. Inspired, she jaunted off to the local CVS and got the goods and fired it off into her ears. Promptly after applying this magical elyxir she couldn’t hear jack out of one ear.

She goes for an appointment at the ENT, where they find that some dissolved wax was stuck to her ear drum. They pulled out a mini shop vac and sucked off the offending matter and all is well. Then my wife asked a fateful (for me) question: “Can I still wear ear plugs?”. Which is answered with a question from the doc, “why do you wear ear plugs?”. The answer of course, is because I snore when I sleep. Not your normal honking through your nose snoring, but more like I take a breath then hold my breath then suddenly fire it out. The wife says it sounds like I stop breathing and make a ruccus starting up again. Well that’s all it took for the doc, “It sounds to me like your husband is the one that should be here, not you”. Continue reading ‘I May Have Sleep Apnea’

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