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Installing A Portable Generator Outlet On Your Home

GeneratorOutlet.jpgHaving a portable generator but only using extension cords to power your home is like having a car with only one seat. It works and gets the job done, but adding more seats or in the case of the generator, adding a receptacle to your home allows you to leverage the full capabilities of your generator and live much more comfortably.

Portable Generators of about 3,000 watts or higher generally have heavy duty power connectors meant for connecting heavy loads beyond a basic extension cable. In the case of my 7,500 watt generator, it has a large four prong outlet that’s meant to connect a 30 amp cable to a receptacle.

I purchased the Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Inlet Box which matched the connector (L14-30) on my Champion 7,500 Watt with Electric Start  perfectly. These generator outlets are universal and generally go by the number of prongs. Smaller generators will use receptacles with less prongs, bigger generators will have more. It will often say right on the generator outlet what type of connector it uses (L14-30 in my case above).

I spent about $45 on the outlet box itself and paid an electrician Continue reading ‘Installing A Portable Generator Outlet On Your Home’

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