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Vosky Call Center (or as I call it – The Skype Box)

Vosky Call CenterThis box is amazing. Make skype like your home phone and more. 

I have now purchased four of these for everyone in my family. I have two installed in Europe and two installed here in the USA. The basic functionality is that it lets you use your home phone to talk on skype.

When you get a skype call, your home phone rings. It works simultaneously with a land line as well. You can have skype and your land line connected at the same time. When you get a skype call your phone will ring differently than when a landline call comes in. It also acts like call waiting. If you’re on a skype call and you get a regular call, you’ll hear beeps just like call waiting and can flip between the two calls. It works with answering machines too. Incoming calls will ring the same number of times as your landline calls and your answering machine will pick up and they can leave a message just like a regular call. Continue reading ‘Vosky Call Center (or as I call it – The Skype Box)’

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