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Freemasonry: Second Degree Passed (finally)

2nd Degree of Fellow CraftWe finally got passed to the Masonic degree of Fellow Craft. I Say finally since it’s taken us six months when most of the Brothers in the lodge completed all three degrees in three to four months.

The degree ceremony itself went well. It was very similar to the Entered Apprentice ceremony but was overall much shorter.

Having gotten to take a look at the proficiency work we’ll need in order to pass to the third degree of Master Mason, It is also very similar to the Entered Apprentice work. Probably about 40% of it is almost identical wording, so memorizing it should go much faster, especially now that I know how to read the cipher on my own.

Ultimately, there was no proficiency testing – open or otherwise and everyone was passed without question. There seems to have developed an ego contest between the Worshipful Master and my Masonic mentor, to the point that the W.M. has declared that we will no longer be holding study groups outside of the lodge.

From this point forward, we are to study on our own and if we need help or want to do anything as a group, we can get together at a table in the coalation room after the meetings twice per month.

I have concerns that this won’t work out well considering that Continue reading ‘Freemasonry: Second Degree Passed (finally)’

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Progress in 1st degree studies

I am happy to report that my Masonic classmates and I have gotten together several times since my last post for group studies.

The good news is that everyone is farther along now than they were. The bad news is that it became screamingly obvious that only two of us had been studying at all. My friend that I worried was off to a slow start actually ended up looking like one of the stronger members at our first full study group.

Happily by our second study meet all but two Entered Apprentices showed great improvement. Continue reading ‘Progress in 1st degree studies’

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My First Lodge Meeting

After a summer that has passed all too quickly, I received a communication in the mail announcing the first meeting of the lodge since going dark for the summer. I’m assuming that someone dropped the ball as the meeting was set for two days from when I received the mailing.

This was my first real meeting since joining and taking the first degree.

I was quite suprised to see that of seven of us that took the first degree, only three of us were present.

I’m already witnessing the personalities of the lodge and am getting an idea about which ones clash. Continue reading ‘My First Lodge Meeting’

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First Degree Completed – Welcome Brother!

24\Last night was a wonderful evening. A friend of mine was also taking his first degree last night, so we met and drove over to the lodge together. We were greeted by several Brothers that we had met at prior lodge events that were open to non members. We felt quite natural and had no awkward feelings at all.

We headed inside the lodge where the tables were set and several very large six foot long party sandwiches and other food awaited. We loaded up our plates and took a seat.

At the table were several masons that I Continue reading ‘First Degree Completed – Welcome Brother!’

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A Week To Entered Apprentice

Entered ApprenticeBy this time next week, I’ll have joined the Brotherhood of Freemasonry having taken the first degree and become an Entered Apprentice. I’m excited but at the same time a bit nervous as I’m not completely sure of what will be involved. I do have a general idea from seeing Freemasonry specials on Discovery Channel and the likes but not enough to feel secure that I won’t embarrass myself.

I did get an accidental peek into the ceremony while reading my latest Freemasonry book Continue reading ‘A Week To Entered Apprentice’

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Freemasons For Dummies – Book Review

Freemasons for DummiesThis is the first masonic book that I’ve read. Upon deciding to join the fraternity, a good friend of mine who also recently joined brought me over to his house and pulled out his newly acquired masonic library. We are a lot alike in that respect. When we get involved in something new, we want to know as much as possible about it and to understand it as completely as possible. Now, with Freemasonry, you have to think before diving in as I do NOT want to know about the details of the rituals or secrets of The Craft. Instead, I want to know about its history, where it came from, where it is, where it’s going. Continue reading ‘Freemasons For Dummies – Book Review’

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Deciding To Become A Freemason

Square and CompassI’ve known that the masons exist for years. Unfortunately, that’s about all I’ve known. I knew that they were secretive and that they had the odd looking symbol with the G in the middle but didn’t know what it meant. The few times I spoke to people that were masons and I would ask them about it, they would often say jokingly, “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you”. I assumed that since I had asked about it and they told me little despite my interest, that it must be an invitation only organization and I left it at that. Well, you know what they say about assuming things… Continue reading ‘Deciding To Become A Freemason’

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