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Infertility: Follistim, Ganirelix and Pregnyl, OH MY!

¬†Welcome to infertility drug injections 101… Follistim, Ganirelix and Pregnyl.

Soooo, after another unsuccessful month of using Femara with an IUI, we headed off to see Dr. H at North Shore LIJ Center for Human Reproduction for another infertility¬†checkup. He does a quick¬†sonogram and confirms that the room is vacant, a la “no bun in the oven”.

Dr. H says, “Are you ready to go to the next level?”. We simply reply, “yep”.

We’ve been trying to conceive with Clomid and Femara, both natural and IUI for a couple of years. We had two that ended in miscarriages and the others never took. Ah, the joys of unexplained infertility.

Dr. H tells us that he’d like to do a round or two of injections with IUI’s and then head over to IVF land if those don’t work. While the thought of going IVF is scary because we’ve kind of always looked at IVF as “the last resort”, it’s also comforting in a way because this could also be our best chance of success. Dr. H jots down some notes and directs us to go see the nurses after my wife gets dressed. He calculates that based on this being day 2 of my wife’s cycle that we need to start the drugs immediately.

What are Follistim, Ganirelix and Pregnyl?

Follistim is Continue reading ‘Infertility: Follistim, Ganirelix and Pregnyl, OH MY!’

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